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Usman Group helps corporate, nonprofit and academic institutions develop successful digital communications and technology strategies that are elegant, cost-effective and easy to implement.


Web Redesign

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The Challenge.

Usman Group asked us to make them stand out from the vast ocean of templatized websites polluting the web. They wanted something original and fun that appealed to both male and female audiences they target.

Visualizing UG

Usman Group takes a very collaborative approach in helping their clients by doing design sprints on a whiteboard with sharpies and post-it notes.


Hey, so why not have the entire website look and behave like an Usman Group design sprint with sketching and post-it notes all on an implied whiteboard.

Right Brain

Home page

The home page is an extension of the headline which is a thread that connects all aspects of a business.


The menu was designed to act and look like a large post-it note listing all the top-level items.


Here we continue the sticky note motif but in a collapsed format to minimize page verticality.


In order to keep with the fun conversational theme of the site we made the form a sentence instead of the traditional input fields.

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